House in Nettleton, north of Lewis, where Kazmaier family lived.             Kazmaier Belpre house with Marcile holding Shirley

Marcile Kazmaier King on porch of house which is still standing.                    Kay Hagewood, Keith King's neice.



Twin Falls, Idaho Migrant housing, 1942                                        After they were in Labor Camp a while, lived in this little house.

Lived here first in 2 rooms with bathroom outside.                               



Kazmaier Family  c. 1933                                                                                                           c. 1940 

    Back row:  Cecil, William, Mary, Kenneth                                             Back Row:  Mary, Darlene, Kenneth, Marcile                         

    Front row:      Darlene, Marcile, Robert , Andrew                                                  Front Row:  Catherine



Kenneth Kazmaier, Marine  (Left front)                                                 Cecil Kazmaier, Army                      Andrew Kazmaier, Army Air Corp  



               Robert Kazmaier, Navy                            Marcile Kazmaier                                             Marcile Kazmaier, Belpre High School, 1946



       Keith & Marcile King

           August 6, 1947