Carnival Heritage
Digital Photograph Collection

of the National Foundation for
Carnival Heritage, Kinsley, Kansas,
in partnership with the Kinsley Library.

Side Shows

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Entertainer, unknown
Magician & Assistant
Shooting Entertainer Sideshow
Magician & 5 assistants
Joey Jackson & Hilarious Harry
Bob Fisher, Pianist
Magician & Assistant Card Tricks
Female Entertainer
Billboard Zogis Variety Revue
Human Canon Balls
Hugo Zacchini Human Flying Cannonball
Beatrice Dante & her Chimpanzees
Beatrice Dante practicing
Large Cat Entertainer
Gastonia Spindle Fair Sideshow
Flag Pole Sitter
Elsa Zacchini, Hugos wife, being trained
Hugo Zacchini
Hugo Zacchini exiting canon
Elsa Zacchini, Hugos wife, at Cannon
Hugo Zacchini and son Hugo Jr. (Butch)
Jonny Rivers - Worlds Only High Diving Mules
Sally Rand Show
Siebrands elephants
Nick Kit - entertainer
Shooting entertainer

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