Carnival Heritage
Digital Photograph Collection

of the National Foundation for
Carnival Heritage, Kinsley, Kansas,
in partnership with the Kinsley Library.


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Bounce - July 1957
Fancy Triberg - Allan Herschell Mfg
Bubble Bounce
Kiddie Train ride
Spinaroo- Lionel Strate
Bill Lee Fun Zone - Schrader
Ottaway Crnival Giant Ferris Wheel
Danny Ottaway & Merry-Go-Round
Carnies unloading rides
Kids on Strate ride
Strates Midwest Show
Boy with Bicycle - Strates
Trabant made in Wichita - Strates
Mr Becks Kiddy Ride - Schrader
Roll a Plane
Trailer mounted Ferris Wheel - Schrader
Motor Boats
Roll A Plane
Ferris Wheel & ticket booth
Spitfire & Big Leland
Ferris Wheel Postcard
CW Parker Merry Go Round -Brodbeck
First Brodbeck Merry-Go-Round
Potion Wave - First Brodbeck Thrill ride
Charles Brodbeck Ferris Wheel
Fly Plane and Octopus
Brodbeck Steam Powered Merry-Go-Round
Guests on Midway
Brodbeck Tilt-A-Whirl
Brodbeck Tilt-a-Whirl #2
Tilt-a-Whirl #3
Midway at night
Kiddie airplane ride
Steve Davis & Valerie Wood in Boat Ride
Hurricane Ride
Guests waiting in line at ticket booth
Rides on Midway
Bill wood Painted horses for Shrader
Carousel & Ferris Wheel
Brodbeck Shows - Carousel
Wave Ride
Coney Island Park
Roller Coaster
Rex Wood Sky Wheel
Fred Brodbeck
#16 Ferris Wheel - 16 seats steam engine
Ride sitting in flood water

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