Edwards County Birth Records
Directory 1911-1943*


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The above birth records are stored at City Hall in Kinsley, Kansas.  They are not a complete list of births in the county. The physicians registered these births with the city.  *Most of the birth dates are from 1911 to 1943.  Some earlier miscellaneous dates are also included

The record ledgers were loaned to the Kinsley Library to be transcribed.  The handwritten records were recorded by the library staff as accurately as possible, but there may be errors.  To see the original records contact the Kinsley City Hall, 721 South Marsh Ave., Kinsley, KS  67547 or call 620-659-3611.

To search the records, you can use Ctrl+F to open the 'Find Window' or you may get to the 'Find Window' from Edit, Find.