Tractorcade to D.C.       

              Edwards County Farmers and the American Agriculture Movement - 1979 

1979 Tractorcade Slideshow by Beverly Snyder Anderson Part 1  


Tractorcade to D.C. Display Map

1979 Tractorcade Slideshow by Beverly Snyder Anderson Part 2

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Darrel Miller


Karen Miller


Jack Wolfe


These oral histories will preserve the stories of the Edwards County farmers who supported or joined farmers from all over the country to travel to Washington D.C.  They climbed into their tractors and braved the cold and snow of the winter in 1979 to protest farm policy and call for Parity. Click here for a list of the American Agriculture Movement participants in Edwards County. 

In July, 2012, the Kansas Humanities Council awarded the Kinsley Public Library a Community Heritage grant for $1,984 in support of an oral history project which will collect and preserve interviews of county residents who participated in the 1979 Tractorcade to Washington, D.C. (Grant Application), (Evaluation), (Timeline), (Invitation), (Foyer Display),          Stack Displays:  (Buttons), (W..I.F.E)., (Police), (Topeka), (Lewis), (Lobbying), and (Tractorcades)

          Tractors settle in to wait out a snowstorm in Indianapolis

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as they are added.

Edward Scheufler

  Marjory Scheufler

Jean Titus


  Mary Ellen Schinstock


Jeff Mead


  Clara & W. A. Stapleton rest in a motor home.

As the tractors moved east across the country, traveling at 14 mph, they gained force and arrived in Washington D.C. on the morning of February 5th, 1979.  The farmers blocked off intersections and paraded their tractors in front of the Capitol. Police blockaded the farmers and their farm vehicles onto the National Mall near the Washington Monument.  For the next seven weeks this location became the base of operations of the American Agriculture Movement as the farmers lobbied and demonstrated for parity.

Read about Parity: The Key to Prosperity Unlimited by Charles Walters Jr.. 1978

Beverly (Snyder) Anderson

Peggy Arensman


Lester Derley

Alvin Wheaton



A family affair:  Bill Rowe, Sherry, Karen & Darrel Miller

It is a truly American story of individuals banding together to take their concerns to their elected officials in a very dramatic and powerful way.  Those from Edwards County, Kansas who made the trip all the way to Washington included:  W. A. and Clara Stapleton, Beverly Snyder, Ed and Marjory Scheufler, Lester Derley , Darrel and Karen Miller.   

Behind lady with Pepsi) Marjorie & Ed Scheufler, and Jean & Junior Titus

listen to AAM speakers.

    Support truck from Lewis, KS in Illinois snow.


Interviews will be conducted during the fall of 2012. They will be recorded digitally with written transcriptions made.  A short portion will also be preserved on video.  Personal photographs and diaries will supplement the oral histories.  The research will be shared with the Edwards County Historical Society and in the Kansas Historical Society's archive and Kansas Memory website.             


 Principal funding for this project is provided by the Kansas Humanities Council, a nonprofit cultural organization promoting understanding of the history, traditions, and ideas that shape our lives and build community.

Dolores Jones

Jerry Stapleton


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