Robert Stach    1944                      Camp Fannin, Tyler, Texas, 1944

                                                                Back Row, L to R:  James Allen (Wichita), Vernon Powell, Leland Allen, James Callahan (Master Sgt.)

                                                                                                    Robert Stach, Wallace Arnold

                                                                                    Second Row:  Peter Bealer,  ___ Carney, Richard Backer, (in back,) Ernest Eseltine, (in front)

                                                                                                    George Allan, (in back) Cook - Porky, ( in front)  Ira Morgan, Chivelo

                                                                                    Front Row:  ____Schultze, William Pool, Raines, Walter Lester (100th Div.), Dwight Allen,

                                                                                                    Jeff Powell, James Adams



            Bob Stach in his jeep, 1945, Germany                                        Bob Stach, Waiblingen, Germany, October, 1944



                Robert and Rachel Stach

             Wedding, June 8, 1952