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  The Effects of World War II on Edwards County, Kansas  

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Kay Carney

Jean Titus

Irene Woolard

       Wayne Carney meets his baby 

The wounds of the Great Depression with its failed banks and foreclosed farms were still open in Edwards County as the country entered World War II.  The war helped the economy recover while demanding many sacrifices which made the people and communities more dependent on one another.

In January 6, 2009, the Kansas Humanities Council awarded the Kinsley Public Library a  Kansans Tell Their Stories Community Heritage grant for $3,248 in support of an oral history project which will collect and preserve 20 interviews of citizens who lived in Edwards County between 1939-1948. (Grant Application), (Release), (Evaluation)(Invitation), (Display)


Amy Nichols in Copp Pharmacy

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Jack Miller

Paul Scheufler

Ed Scheufler

Frank Castaneda

Parade in Kinsley  It was a time when the people in small rural towns came together to support each other and the war effort.  Edwards County was a patchwork of seven communities:  Belpre, Centerview, Fellsburg, Offerle, Kinsley, Lewis and Trousdale.  The economy was based on agriculture, small business, and the railroad. The role of Edwards County citizens during the war is a story worth preserving.

Cordelia Froetschner

Wilma Lancaster

Patchwork of Dependency records the stories of not only the veterans, but also the farmers with agricultural deferments, the women who stayed home and those who left to work in war plants, the children, and the minority Black and Hispanic communities. Hwy. 50 flooded in Kinsley

Bob Weidenheimer

Norma Gatterman

Ed, Paul & Charles Schuefler

Interviews were conducted each month from February to December, 2009. They are recorded on CD, cassette tape, and some clips on DVD with written transcriptions mades.  Copies of CD's with transcriptions will be shared with the Edwards County Historical Society,  the Kansas Historical Society, and the Kansas Folklore Society.                                                    

Jeff Mead

Jake Roenbaugh

If you or someone you know lived in Edwards County during the war years, would you please tell us.  Your story could become part of this project to record those who witnessed the extraordinary events.  Please contact the Kinsley Library at 620-659-3341 if you would like your story to be considered. Wayne Carney in Africa

Virginia Rapp

Thelma Negley


Gilbert Herrmann

Wilma Kurth (Lancaster)

A. C. Kurth farm in 1945

Buford Brodbeck

Bob Stach


Marcile King

     Principal funding for this project is provided by the Kansas Humanities Council, a nonprofit cultural organization promoting understanding of the history, traditions, and ideas that shape our lives and build community.


Edwards County Draftees --1942 -- Camp Wolters, Texas

Jack Miller, George Mathews, Art Polson, Vernon Nystrom, Carl Thummel, Lee Thorp, Sam Brown, Harold Feldman

Bea Coats

Gordon Coats


 Veterans History Projects

submitted to the Library of Congress

by Dr. Galen Boehme's Kinsley-Offerle High School English 12 Classes.


World War II Casualties from Edwards County

 Edwards County World War II Veteran Pictures 

(All Edwards County Veterans may bring their photos to the library to be included on this page.) 


Edwards County World War II Army Veterans in the KSHS Kansas Selective Service Index


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Belpre, Kansas:  The Story of a Small Town by David M. Kearney, Chapter Nine: The 1940's: A Struggle for Survival

Centennial Celebration:  St. Bernard's Catholic Church, Belpre, Kansas, 1901-2001 by David Kearney


THE WAR YEARS:  Information gleaned from:

KINSLEY HIGH SCHOOL CLASS of 1940 Twentieth Reunion Book                KINSLEY HIGH SCHOOL Class of 1943 Twentieth Reunion Book


Letters from Service Men Published in the Kinsley Mercury, 1941-1945