Wilma Kurth in 9th grade                                        Wilma Kurth in 1945                                              Wilma Kurth, Offerle Cheerleader



Duane Lancaster (top row, 2nd from right) with crew on  Adabelle Lykes              Duane Lancaster, gunner




     Natives on board ship                                                                      Duane Lancaster in center




Duane and Wilma Kurth Lancaster, 9/11/1947                 A. C. Kurth Farm, c. 1946  (Just over Edwards County line in Ford County)




      Zion Lutheran Church, Offerle Kansas                                                               A.C. Kurth Farm, April 1988,  Ford County



    Lancaster home, May 1963, Bret Lancaster                  January 1954  Home-sewn Skating Skirts      Christmas 1959  Home-sewn dresses

        (lived here from 1947 to flood of 1965)                          Sharolyn, 6;  Sidney, 4;  Shelley, 2             Sharolyn, 11;  Sidney, 9;  Shelley, 7